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Aluminum Bake Pans
Aluminum Lasagna Pans
Bags, Poly Food & Trash
Bags, T-Shirt, Paper Bag
Baking Supplies
Bar Supplies
Bowls, Plastic Catering
Cake Boxes, Cake Boards
Catering Supplies
Cater Trays Aluminum
Cater Trays Plastic
Chef Clothing
Chef's Knives
Cleaning Tools, Kitchen
Coffee accessories.
Coffee Syrups, Torani
Containers, Plastic Hinged
Containers, Foam Hinged
Containers, Paper
Containers, Deli, Souffle
Containers Micro, Freeze.
Cookware - Professional
Counter Top Equipment
Cups, Baking Cups
Cups, Hot Insert
Cups, Foam & Lids
Hot Cups
Cups, Plastic Clear
Cups Plastic Colored
Cups, Tumblers & Stemware
Cutlery, Cutlery Kits
Diablo Chafing Fuels, Candles
Dinnerware / China
Flatware, Silverware
Food Safety
Food Storage
Gift Baskets
Gloves, Latex & Vinyl Gloves Green Products
Guest Checks
Kitchen Utensils Etc.
MOZO Shoes
Napkins, Cocktail Beverage
Napkins, Dinner
Napkins, Dispenser
Napkins, Lunch
Pak-It Chemical Packs
Paper Food Trays
Paper Towels, Facial, Toilet
Pizza Supplies
Plates, Colored Plastic, Paper, Foam
Plates, Yoshiware & Comet Classicware
Save Money, Bargains
Seafood Tools
Straws & Stirrers
Table Covers, Plastic
Table Top
Toothpicks, Skewers, Parasols Wipers
Wraps, Alum., Butcher, Cello, Wax

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red white stone.jpg David Tutera Passion Serving Set

David Tutera Passion Serving Set. 2 piece Passion serving set. Approx 10.5" long made of real stone and stainless steel. Comes gift ready in a soft fabric pouch. This set retails on line for over sixty dollars. This is a great buy, limited quantity available. When there gone, they are gone.

 Makes a Great Gift!!

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white stone.jpg David Tutera Exotic Serving Set

David Tutera Exotic Serving Set. Two piece Exotic serving set. Approx 10.5" long made of real stone and stainless steel. Comes gift ready in a soft fabric pouch. This set retails on line for over sixty dollars. This is a great buy, limited quantity available. When there gone, they are gone.

 Makes a Great Gift!!

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copper stainless.jpg David Tutera Desire Serving Set

David Tutera Desire Serving Set. Two piece Desire serving set. Approx 10.5" long Copper Color and stainless steel. Comes gift ready in a soft fabric pouch. This set retails on line for over sixty dollars. This is a great buy, limited quantity available. When there gone, they are gone.

  Makes a Great Gift!!


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Plink lemon.jpg Plink Garbage Disposal Cleaner
Plink Garbage Disposal Cleaner & Deodorizer. We stock three scents, lavender, lemon, and orange. There are ten Plinks per package.

Checker Board Product 16oz tumbler.jpg 16oz ( Checker Board Products) Heavy Tumbler
16oz Heavy Hard Clear Plastic Tumblers. 6 tumblers per pack. These tumblers have a beveled panel, and they look like a real glass. Made by Checker Board Products. Nice Quality! To order a case, order 20 sleeves.
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Winco TN32.jpg Mini Turner
Mini Offset Turner. Made by Winco, model number TN32. Blade width 2.25", Blade length 3.5", Handle length 3-7/8", Overall length approx. 7.25". Wood handle.
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12 inch bowl plate.jpg 12" Plate or Bowl
Is it a plate or is it a Bowl? Only you can decide. This gorgeous piece has a rimless coupe shape. It is 12" and is made of fine bone china.
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sheer bowl.jpg 11" Long Oval China Bowl
When you use this bowl as part of your tabletop design, expect oohs and aahs. It's gentle and contoured lines are stunning. It is 11" long and made from fine bone china.
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pns bowls.jpg Square China Bowls
These square bowls have rounded edges and a rimless design. These multi-use bowls can be coordinated in almost any tabletop for a fresh look.

country clean enlarged logos glass.jpg 16oz Pint Mixing Glass
16oz Pint Mixing Glass. This is a pub classic. These glasses are rim-tempered. Don't confuse these for the cheap quality mixing glasses that are on the market. There are 12 mixing glasses per case.
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giftcard.jpg Gift Card
We now sell gift cards. Please choose your dollar amount below.

TABLE BELL.jpg Table Call Bell

Table Call Bell. 3.5" diameter, chrome plated.
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lava rocks.jpg Lava Rocks
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torch.jpg Chef Torch
(Butane fuel not for sale. Picture of can is for display purposes only)
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butane stove.jpg Portable Butane Stove
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ven149platt.jpg 14" x 9" Venetian Rectangular Crock
14"x 9.5" Venetian Rectangular Crock / Platter (2" deep). Crock has rubber feet. Winner of a Tabletop of the Year Award. Venetian pattern is a romantic journey via gondola along the Grand Canal. With colors evocative of an Italian garden. Venetian pattern is made of durable melamine and is very affordable, dishwasher safe, durable, etc. N.S.F. Listed
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DC5 DELI CROCK.jpg Cambro Deli Crocks
Cambro DC5 & DC10 Deli Crocks. We stock three colors, black, red, and clear. This deli crock is perfect for displaying salads, appetizers, entrees, and desserts. They are made of SAN to be economical, stain, break, and chip resistant. These scalloped deli platters have a smooth finish that offer a simple elegance. These deli crocks are perfect for supermarkets, deli's, buffets, catered events, or your kitchen table. Approx. dimensions of the DC-5 are 10"x6"x3" / 2.2Quarts or 5 pounds. Approx. dimensions of the DC-10 are 10"x13"x3" / 4.4Quarts or 10 pounds. Order one at a time, or order six for a case. Choose your color below.

MICROPLANE BOX GRATER.jpg Microplane Box Grater
Microplane Box Grater. These box graters are brand new to the market place. You know they are quality with the name Microplane. This box ,grater is four-sided (fine, medium ribbon, x-course, slicer) Made of stainless steel. It has an ergonomic soft grip handle, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and has rubber footings for added stability.
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servingbasketWRAM.jpg Appetizer / Fry Cone
Appetizer / Fry Cone. This appetizer / fry cone measures approx. 5"x9". Made of black wire. It holds two 3oz black ramekins, which are included with cone, to put sauces etc in. (Food and paper liner sold separately)
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cream profi whip.jpg Cream Whipper
Professional one pint Cream Whipper. Brushed stainless construction. Dishwasher safe, comes with cleaning brush. Create custom homemade whip creams, mousse, Etc. (Chargers Sold Separately)
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cream chargers.jpg Cream Whipper Chargers
(Box) Cream Whipper N20 Chargers. 10 chargers per box. Chargers are a one time use or one charger per pint container use.
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STORAGE JAR.jpg Glass Storage Jar With Cover
Large Glass Storage Jars with Cover. These jars come in three sizes. 3qt jar approx. size 8-1/8" high x 7-1/8" base. 1 gallon jar approx. 10" high x 7" base. 2 gallon jar approx. 13-3/8" high x 9" base.

mini muffin.jpg 24-Cup Mini Muffin Pan
24-Cup, Non-Stick, Mini-Muffin Pan
order one at a time, or order 12 for a case. Overall size is approx. 15-3/4"x10-1/4"
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mini measure.jpg Mini Measure Cup
Mini Measure. This Mini Measure is made of glass and has bold red print. It is a multi use measure because it measures teaspoons, tablespoons, and ,milliters. It has a heavy base so it prevents tipping. Order one at a time, or you can order 12 for a case. This Mini Measure is perfect for home, lawn, garden, and your kitchen!
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SILPAT.jpg Silpat
Silpat, the tool that the pros use. Praised by the most famous pastry chefs in the world. This is a reusable silicone pan liner that measures 11-7/8"x16".
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cheesecloth.jpg Cheesecloth
Cheesecloth. This cheesecloth is made from 100% cotton and is soft, absorbent, and lint free. Package contains 3sq. yards. excellent for: canning, roasting, poultry wrapping, cheese wrapping, and straining food.
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Bakery Twine

Twine Page.jpg
Click on the picture to go to the bakery twine page.

Knife Sharpener
Chef Master knife and tool sharpener. This sharpener is the last knife sharpener you will ever need. Commercial quality and Reversable blades allow you to sharpen your knives and tools.
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Torani Coffee Syrups ( $4.50)
Torani Syrups, Frusias, and Sauces can be used for baking!! There certainly not just for your coffee or tea any more!! Have you ever made BLUEBERRY MUFFINS, and they were not BLUEBERRY enough? Mix a little of the BLUEBERRY SYRUP in the batter and have some of the best BLUEBERRY MUFFINS you ever had. Want BANANA PANCAKES? Mix some of the BANANA FRUSIA in the batter and you have BANANA PANCAKES. Make the best PUMPKIN MUFFINS you ever had by mixing some PUMPKIN PIE SAUCE in the batter. For all the flavors of syrups, frusia, and sauces we stock, Click on the link below to go to the Torani Coffee Syrup page. Country-Clean-2.GIF

CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE TORANI COFFEE SYRUP PAGE to see all the flavors for your favorite flavored coffee, teas, italian sodas, smoothies, etc.

teller sign.jpg Teller Sign
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taco holder.jpg Taco / Flatbread Holder
Taco / Flatbread Holder. Made with brushed stainless steel. Measures 4"x8"x2". Holds two tacos, or flip it over and it holds three tacos.
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exoglas spoon.jpg Tan Exoglass Spoon
11-7/8" Tan Exoglass Spoon. This spoon is made of a heavy duty non porous material. Perfect to stir sangria etc. This spoon will not stain like a wooden spoon.
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